Bauexperte Dipl.-Ing. Claas Nolte, Bauingenieur 0172 - 511 0885 05135 - 925 9990
Bauexperte Dipl.-Ing. Claas Nolte, Bauingenieur0172 - 511 0885    05135 - 925 9990

construction support by the civil engineer

I carry out construction site appointments for quality assurance on behalf of private builders, together with my clients.

I will explain my respective findings directly. I also discuss my findings with the construction management. I will also discuss the procedure for correcting defects professionally.

I plan the appointments so that I can inspect all the essential construktion work on site, from the foundation to the handover of the house.

The fact that I am commissioned to provide independent construction supervision often results in better, ideally defect-free construction.

I am there as a contact person for my clients throughout the entire period of the assignment. If my clients have any questions or suspected problems in connection with the construction project, they have the option to call me, contact me by email or simply send a photo via WhatsApp if something looks strange on the construction site.

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